Chandler is technology- and business-driven with more than 60 developed parks and a growing population. People love living in Chandler for a variety of reasons:

  • Bustling Downtown

Chandler has transformed itself to become a city that has fun. Downtown Chandler features restaurants, live music, festivals, art walks, and a farmers’ market. If you want to experience the heartbeat of Chandler, head downtown.

  • School System

Residents of the Chandler area take the school system seriously and are very loyal to it. Chandler Schools are one of the primary reasons people move here. In Arizona, your child can attend any school in the district or out of the district. Specific groups, such as students with disabilities and foster children, are eligible to receive scholarships to attend private schools.

  • Fun Variety Of Bars

Chandler’s lively nightlife consists of a variety of different kinds of bars. Whatever your taste in alcohol, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. There are several local breweries and craft beer localities if you are a beer-drinker, as well as speakeasies and sports bars.

  • Quiet Neighborhoods

Aside from seasonal events such as Halloween or graduation season, the neighborhoods in Chandler are calm and peaceful. The majority of the neighborhoods have peaceful green areas and walking paths. The communities are family-based, and it is rare to be disturbed by a raging party.

  • Vibrant Food And Coffee Culture

In recent years, Chandler has developed its food and drink scene. Most of the restaurants in the city are locally-owned and unique to Chandler. It’s also easy to get your coffee fix in Chandler. As the city becomes more and more small-business minded, more unique coffee shops are opening their doors and adding the culture of Chandler.

  • Diversity

Chandler is a family-friendly place with a wealth of diversity in its residents. Chandler prides itself on being a welcoming place no matter what background, where anyone can fit in and feel like a part of the community.

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