Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona. Mesa is known for its art, culture, and salt river tubing! It is a city of fun and culture that is a great place to live for numerous reasons.

  • Affordable Place To Live

Mesa, according to AreaVibes, has a ranking of 81 out of 100 for affordability and things to do. The housing market is one of Mesa’s most affordable assets. Homes in Mesa are about 10 percent less expensive than the national average. The cost of living is also significantly less in Mesa than the national average.

  • Great Place To Be Active

Mesa is full of options for residents to stay active. It’s easy to assume that living in Arizona means that you’re just living in a desert, but that’s not true at all.  In the Mesa area, there are over 3500 acres of national park area that will blow you away with killer views. It is also a city known for bicycling and cycling enthusiasts.

  • Safe For Families

Northeast Mesa has a crime rate that is 21 percent lower than the national average, and a graduation rate that is seven percent higher than the Mesa average. Mesa as a whole has a crime rate that is only four percent higher than the national average, so it is a very manageable place for families.

  • Thriving Arts And Entertainment

The Mesa Arts Center is home to four theaters, five art galleries, and 14 art studios. If you are an artist looking to refine your skills, Mesa has plenty of art classes to help you express your love for art.

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